September 15, 2007

Configuring a WiFi Universal Wireless Repeater

We justa added an article on Configuring a WiFi Universal Wireless Repeater

Wi-Spy 2.4x Spectrum Analyzer Review

Wi-Spy 2.4x Spectrum Analyzer Review has been posted here

June 22, 2006

Remote DataCom KABU 800 Review

We reviewed the new 6 port POE switch with remote reboot here.

June 11, 2006

EnGenius ECB-3220 400mW AP / Bridge Reviewed

We reviewed the new ECB-3220 with 400mW of power it blows away standard 802.11g and pre n mimo solutions.

Click here for review

January 5, 2006

Engenius Long Range wireless products

October 27, 2005

AirMagnet Introduces Free Bluetooth Scanner

Yesterday, AirMagnet introduced its BlueSweep software, designed to identify nearby devices with Bluetooth wireless technology and alert users to potential Bluetooth security risks. The AirMagnet software identifies and tracks devices up to 300 feet away and lets users know what their own Bluetooth devices are doing. BlueSweep runs on laptop computers that support Windows XP, and is available immediately as a free software download at

For more information on AirMagnet Products including purchasing please see

October 12, 2005

Engenius 2611 CB5 PLUS Long Range Outdoor Bridge Review

Engenius   2611 CB5 PLUS Long Range Outdoor Bridge Review<br />

Engenius   2611 CB5 PLUS Long Range Outdoor
Bridge Review

Click here for
more information on the 2611 cb5 plus

The 2611 cb5 plus is an all inclusive outdoor 802.11b
bridge with a built in 9dBi directional antenna perfect for customer premise
equipment or point to point bridging.

The unit ships with power over ethernet injector mounting
hardware and grounding cables. 

Inside the unit is the longest range wireless card a
200mW 2511cd
plus ext2 wireless card with 2 mmcx connectors
  ( a mmcx pigtail can be
run under the ethernet connector for external antenna if desired.)

The unit supports SNMP read and traps for management and
also has a rs-232 console port.

The unit ships with bridge only firmware so it can connect
to an access point as a client or another wireless bridge in point to point
mode.  There is also access point firmware available.

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more information on the 2611 cb5 plus

August 26, 2005

D-Link AirPremier DWL-7700AP Wireless AG Outdoor AP Review

Click here for more information on the dwl-7700ap


The DWL-7700ap is a complete outdoor A/B/G access point
package with detachable antennas rptnc-m connectors,
Weatherproof Metal enclosure, waterproof ethernet cable, power over ethernet injector, Lightning
surge suppressors, mounting hardware and rptnc-f to rptnc-m pigtail. 

The left antenna connector is 5Ghz and the right is 2.4Ghz
and weather tight caps are provided in case one band is not being used.  A
heavy pigtail is also included and dual lightning protectors.



This ap supports 802.3AF Power over ethernet and includes a
one port 48v injector.  The AP can also be powered by the  new

DES-1316 16 port POE 10/100 switch
.  The web managed switch can also be
used to reset the AP remotely or power it down off hours for security.


Click here for more information on the DES-1316 16
port POE 10/100 switch


The 7700 supports access point, point to point
bridge and point to multi point bridge modes.


108Mbps turbo 802.11a and 802.11g is supported.

Full wireless security options are supported including
802.1x and wpa and mac filtering.



August 20, 2005

D-Link Wireless IP camera DCS-950G review

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The D-Link DCS-950G is a full featured entry level IP
security camera with 802.11g wireless, VGA resolution, sound, motion detection,
email notification, NNTP, ability to record  to SMB share and .5 lux low
light mode.

The camera must be initially set up over a Ethernet
connection with the included software.  Once you assign a static ip address
you can use internet explorer to configure and monitor the camera.  The
camera downloads an ActiveX control into the browser to view the video and
control the camera.  There is a SMA connector on the detachable antenna so
you could use with a external high gain antenna.  The camera is powered by
a 5DVC cube so you can use with a DWL-P200 or DWL-P50 power over Ethernet

Image quality is very good video in recorded in MPEG4
format for high quality and small file size. 

The camera will connect to any 802.11g or 802.11b access


D-Link IP camera DCS-950G review

The main admin page has controls for nightshot low light
mode snapshot and manual recording. 

Nightshot works in low light conditions a street or
floodlight will allow you to monitor the area at night.

Motion detection allows you to define trigger zones.

When motion is detected the camera can email you the video
clip via SMTP

The recording menu allows you to upload video directly to
a windows share smart recording works with motion detection.




Click here for more information on the DCS-950G

August 9, 2005

Long Range Wi-Fi Card Shootout

Long range Wi-Fi Card shootout

We tested the 3 longest range 802.11 wireless
cards on the market today.  The Engenius / Senao 2511cd plus ext2 
200mW with 2 clip on antennas, Z-com XI-325HP+ 300mW and the SMC2532w-b 200mW.


The measurements were taken outside the building
40 feet from the 200mW Engenius ap pro plus access point through one interior
and one exterior wall.


Engenius 2511 cd plus
ext2 200mW

Engenius card had a 80% signal strength but with
the best in class receive sensitivity of -95dbm it matches the 66% link quality
of the Z-com.  The better receive sensitivity gives the Engenius card the
advantage as we move farther from the access point the link quality was
maintained the longest. 


Z-com XI-325HP+ 300mW

The Z-com with 300mW posted the best signal
strength reading of 100%.  This card has a maximum receive sensitivity of
:-92 dBm making it less sensitive than the Engenius card.  In this short
range test the extra power makes up the difference so it matches the signal
quality of 66%.  If we went much farther from the access point the signal
quality dropped off quicker. 



The SMC card came in last with a signal strength
of 72%.  This card has a receive sensitivity of -94dBm giving it a link
quality of only 26% even with 200mW of power.  The connection was still
solid at this level and I was able to access the Internet without problems.



All three cards performed well in this limited
test and they all should be used in different situations.  The
Engenius card will
give the best range and speed in most long and short range application. 
The Z-com  card
would be good for a area with bad multi path interference (metal in walls). 
The SMC card
has the best driver and utility for use in a Enterprise environment.