EAP9550 802.11bgn AP in stock post Questions here

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EAP9550 802.11bgn AP in stock post Questions here

Postby joekaplan » Mon Dec 14, 2009 9:32 am

We now have the 802.11bgn EAP9550 in stock here

http://www.keenansystems.com/store/cata ... cts_id=308

Although it only has 63mW it has a smart antenna design to increase range. If you are migrating to 802.11n or have high bandwidth apps like video and voice this is a great choice.

If your primary application is Internet access you will get better range with the high power 600mW 802.11bg eap3660.

http://www.keenansystems.com/store/cata ... cts_id=253
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I would take Engenius' claims with a grain of salt

Postby robertfranz » Mon Dec 14, 2009 12:19 pm

I keep seeing claims for extended range with 11n, but I can't see it logically, and have never seen a range increase in the field.

I've talked to people claiming a range increase, but have not seen it first hand.

I've found the best way to extend range is to dump 11g in preference to 11b - not 11n.

I've also found in a mixed mode environment - well.....mixed results.
OS X Snow Leopard seems to have issues, though it varies with the specific driver.

Point being, it depends on what issues you have with the 3220.
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I'm interested in this device for N support and form factor

Postby joekaplan » Mon Dec 14, 2009 1:37 pm

Hi Robert,

My primary issue with the 3220 is detailed here:

http://www.wifithoughts.com/newug/bblog ... .php?t=400

The problem is that mine recently started dropping DHCP response packets when powered via POE, making it very difficult to use. My issue is not with range.

My interest in the 9550 is related to the form factor (which is nice) and the support for N band for higher perf (potentially). I've read many of the discussions on related to mixed networks and such not working well. Luckily, this is my house, not a commercial facility, so I can potentially run a closed N system if I like with minimal investments required on the clients.

I don't really need a new AP, but I do need a working solution for POE on the 3220. As per the other poster in the other thread, I may try an extractor to power the 3220 externally since that seems to fix the issue. I just can't continue to power it with a long extension cord down the hallway in order to get it to work. I purchased the 3220 primarily because it seemed to represent a good value for a solid AP that supports POE at a reasonable cost. The enhanced range was nice, but not critical for me.

I would be curious to see if N actually does provide increased range in my application but it likely won't actually do anything useful for me if it does since range is fine as is.
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Postby robertfranz » Mon Dec 14, 2009 2:19 pm

I wonder if it might be an n-way problem?

It seems like all the n-way issues were sorted years ago, but are resurfacing.

I had an issue with a Routerboard that refused to talk to a dumb switch, until I hard set the link speed/duplex settings.

They would seem to agree when autonegotiating, the link would show as up, but no data would pass.
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Postby keenanj » Mon Dec 14, 2009 2:41 pm

we will have the eap9550 soon I am still testing them once I am done we will get them in stock. The are 802.11n so only 79mW max power the smart antenna does add some extra range.

But the 600mW eap-3660 will still be the longest range.

http://www.keenansystems.com/store/cata ... cts_id=253
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Any clue on pricing yet?

Postby joekaplan » Mon Dec 14, 2009 3:37 pm

Thanks Jeff!

Any clue on pricing yet? I assume it will cost more than the 3660 but I don't really know what to base that on.

The pricing will be < $100 on the eap9550
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